Terms and Conditions

RHR Delivery by RHR Hospitality Sdn. Bhd. (267299-T)

Published: 30th August 2020

1. Use of the Platform and RHR Delivery Account

1.1     You will need to register for a RHR Delivery account for you to use the Platform. When you register a RHR Delivery account we will ask you to provide your personal information including a valid email address, a mobile phone number and a unique password. To purchase an Order, depending on which payment method you opt for, you may need to provide us with your credit card details. Your unique password should not be shared with anyone and you agree to keep it secret at all times. You are solely responsible for keeping your password safe. Save for cases of fraud or abuse which are not your fault, you accept that all Orders placed under your RHR Delivery account are your sole responsibility.

1.2     RHR Delivery shall not be liable for Orders that encounter delivery issues due to incomplete, incorrect or missing information provided by you. You are obliged to provide information that is complete, accurate and truthful for the proper processing of the Order, including your delivery address and contact information.

1.3     If you wish to delete your RHR Delivery account, please send us an email requesting the same. We may restrict, suspend or terminate your RHR Delivery account and/or use of the Platforms, if we reasonably believe that:

1.3.1       someone other than you is using your RHR Delivery account; or

1.3.2       where you are suspected or discovered to have been involved in any activity or conduct that is in breach of these Terms, our policies and guidelines, or involved in activity or conduct which we deem in our sole discretion to be an abuse of the Platform.

2. Orders 

2.1     When you place an Order with RHR Delivery, RHR Delivery will confirm your order by sending you a confirmation email containing the Order receipt. Where applicable, Orders will include delivery fees and services tax.

2.2     Minimum Order Value – RHR Delivery require a minimum order value RM8.00 before an Order can be placed and delivered to you.

2.3     Maximum Order Quantity – RHR Delivery allow maximum six(6) quantity per order.

2.4     Allergens – RHR Delivery is not obligated to provide ingredient information or allergen information on the Platforms. Further, RHR Delivery does not guarantee that the Goods sold are free of allergens. If you have allergies, allergic reactions or dietary restrictions and requirements, please contact us before placing an Order on our Platforms.

2.5     Placing the Order

2.5.1       To complete an Order, please follow the onscreen instructions after clicking ‘Checkout’. You are required to review and confirm that all the information you provide, including the amounts, delivery details, personal details, payment information, and voucher codes (if applicable) is true, accurate and complete before you click “PLACE ORDER”. An Order is successfully placed when we receive a confirmation containing your Order receipt.

2.6     Cancelling an Order

2.6.1       No cancellation is allowed once payments made.

3. Prices and Payments

3.1     Prices quoted on the Platform subject to 6% Service Tax and RM 3.00 delivery charge.

3.2     A breakdown of the prices and additional charges are displayed before Checkout. When you place an Order, you agree to all amounts, additional charges and the final ‘Total’ amount which is displayed to you.

3.3      Delivery fees are chargeable on every maximum quantity per order

3.4     Prices indicated on the Platforms are as at the time of each Order and may be subject to change.

3.5     You can choose IPay88 to pay for an Order using any of the different payment methods offered on the Platforms including:

3.5.1       Our payment partners: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Boost Pay, Grab Pay, Touch n Go Pay, Maybank Pay, CIMB Pay;

3.5.2       After an Order is successfully placed, you will receive an email confirmation from iPay88 with your Order receipt.

3.6     Payment Methods

3.6.1       If you pay using an online payment method, the payment shall be processed by our third party payment service provider(s). With your consent, your credit card / payment information will be stored with our third party payment service provider(s) for future orders. RHR Delivery does not store your credit card or payment information.

4. Delivery 

4.1     Delivery Areas

4.1.1     You understand that our RHR Delivery offer their Goods in specific delivery areas and by entering your delivery address on the Platforms, you will see we make available to you at that time.

4.2     Delivery Time

4.2.1       RHR Delivery shall deliver your Order to the delivery address provided by You. You may choose for your Order to be delivered scheduled for a specific time. An estimated delivery time will be provided on the Platforms but delivery times shall vary depending on factors that are not controlled by us (e.g. order quantity, time of day (peak periods), weather conditions, traffic conditions, etc.). You acknowledge that the delivery time we provide is only an estimate and Orders may arrive earlier or later. To ensure that you do not miss a delivery of an Order, you should ensure that either you or someone is at the delivery location to receive the Order once an Order is placed.

4.3     Unsuccessful or Failed Deliveries

4.3.1       In cases where we attempt to deliver an Order but we are unable to do so due to the reasons caused by you, including but not limited to:

(i) no one was present or available to receive the Order; or

(ii) customer was un-contactable despite attempts to reach the customer via the phone number provided; or

(iii) lack of appropriate or sufficient access to deliver the Order successfully;

(iv) lack of a suitable or secure location to leave the Order; or

4.3.2       No-show Cancellations

4.3.2a         If you remain un-contactable or fail to receive the Order within ten (15) minutes from the time the Order arrives at your delivery address, RHR Delivery reserves the right to cancel the Order without refund or remedy to you.

4.4     Wrong Order, Missing Items, Defective Goods

4.4.1       Upon receipt of your Order, if you discover that there are issues with your Order (e.g. wrong order, defective order, or missing items) please contact customer support immediately. In some cases, RHR Delivery may request for photographic proof and/or additional information to properly investigate the issue with your Order. If we determine that the Order and/or Goods you received are not of satisfactory condition or quality, we will compensate you for your Order or parts of your Order.

5. Contact Us

5.1     If you wish to contact us regarding any questions or comments you may have, please send an email to our customer support email or call our customer support.
Email: rhrdelivery@rhrgroup.com.my
Phone: +603-2618 2667